Flowers – Cutting and Maintaining

Flower 02

Flowers 03The art of Stek Plek can be used in using and reusing flowers. This last month I was able to use the technique to reuse a collection of red Carnations and Glebionis Coronaria (similar to an Ox-eye Daisy). After trimming back the initial grouping and removing most of the excess foliage, I placed this arrangement in a vase with water. As I did not have any plant food on hand I added a pinch of sugar and made sure the leaves were not sitting in the water, cut the stems back in a clean and sharp angle allowing for maximum intake of water and nutrients through the stem and left the flowers for two weeks on the table.

The flowers were beautiful and I changed the water one time a week into their first display. After two weeks my mother-in-law was coming to visit so I trimmed the Carnations and Daisys down picked about half of the dried out flowers from the arrangement and put them in a new vase with fresh water and food and they lasted another week beautifying my mother-in-law’s guest room. This is one of many examples in which proper cutting and trimming (Stek Plek) can keep your flowers beautiful and increase their value over time.

Wildflower 01Avoid Throwing out the Flowers

No one likes the stench of an old vase of daisies, sometimes their smell can be worse than a heap of manure. But the smell comes from the decay of the leaves at the bottom of the plant. By keeping the base of the plant trimmed back and the leaves away from the decay inducing water you can seriously increase life length. The next time you are considering visiting the florist or picking some wildflowers remember that you can always use this method at no cost and you’ll reap the benefits of long-lasting, beautiful flowers.