Gardening – the Stek Plek Technique

OPopeyes east side gardeningne of the most important skills to know when gardening is knowing how and when to cut in the right places. In order to properly trim your plants you have to know what your end game is. If you begin cutting with the end result in mind it will become easier to know what, where and when to cut the branches, flowers, and fruit from your trees and plants. I would like to call this “stek plek” from the Dutch for cutting spot. There are spots where one wants to cut and ways in which one wants to cut that improve the life of your flowers and the production of your fruit bearing plants.

“Not even King Solomon in all his glory was dressed as beautifully as these”

The quote mentioned from the Gospel of Matthew illustrates an important truth – good growth, beauty in horticulture, and a fresh garden require a cleansing period. One must regularly remove and replace when maintaining a garden.

What to Cut When Gardening

  • A dry and parched soil – replace topsoil with fertilizer and water regularly
  • Parasitic Bugs – There are two kinds of bugs removing the ones that are parasites is important to good growth
  • Cold – The presence of the sun is vital and warmth is a significant requirement for growth
  • Scorching Heat – Many plants will wilt under too much sun, a moderation of warmth is important for growth
  • Weeds – These parasitic plants will sap all the resources from the soil and leave desired plants withered and choked
  • Heavy Traffic – Plants are often destroyed by the constant disturbing that comes with heavy traffic of people and animals
  • Excess Leaves – As a hiker I love foliage as a gardener I like to see little foliage and lots of fruit and flowers

What to Add When Gardening

  • Water – It keeps the plants growing and keeps cooler weather plants from being scorched
  • Shade – When cultivating colder weather plants and flowers
  • Fertilizer – Natural manure is the best for the soil and for later consumption, but there are many great synthetically produced fertilizers too
  • Framework – To improve the growth of many plants a good support is needed to help young stems become strong branches
  • Garden Sheers – To prune those parts of the plant that are diseased, overgrown, undesired, wasting energy