Tips for Lawn Mowing

lawn mowingLaw Mowing is healthy and it adds value to your garden. You are shaving the older segments of grass as it grows from the bottom to up.  This promotes the rooting of grass much deeper. With lawn mowing, Deeper roots will reach water, which is deep in to the soil, giving grass restoration power that empowers it to get within the dry periods.

There are some tips for lawn mowing which might help your lawn to look good and healthy.

Avoid Scalping of Lawn

A scalped lawn is exposed to illness and weed plague. Scalped lawn inclines to be weak and thin, which depicts the soil out. One of the main contributors to the weed infestation is exposed soil that lets weed seed to take its foundation. A scanty lawn also lets direct sunlight reach to the weed seedlings and makes it grow over your lawn.

Always keep a Sharp Mower Blade

A sharp blade will cut the grass neatly;where as a blunt blade rips the grass from its roots which makes an uneven growth of the grass. This ripping creates beginnings for pests and sickness to enter the mower blades. A lawn which was been cut with a blunt blade tends give a whitish or browning tips which makes the grass to be killed. You should sharp the blades minimum once in every 2 weeks during the over growth season.

Vary the Mower heights

Try to change the mower height during the seasonal growth. For example, change the cutting deck upper during the summers and let the grass to grow high. Longer grass helps to shade the soils, which avoids growth of the weed and slows down water evaporating from the soil. Longer grass tends to develop deep roots, which makes the lawn withstand during the drought conditions.

Lawn mowing should be done only on dry grass

Lawn Mowing on a wet lawn doesn’t spoil the grass however it stops the growth. Wet grass seals and blocks the deck of a mower. It also has a movement to fall over and bundled up together as you cut, generating an uneven mow. Look out for bundles of wet grass that falls from the mower. Eliminate these from the lawn grass after cutting to avoid slaying of lawn.


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